How to build a mobile app using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript in India

The Indian app market is booming and is poised to overtake the US in terms of revenue.With the country now boasting more than 50 million smartphone users, there are plenty of options for developers and designers alike.The web development industry is booming, and there are now hundreds of thousands of developers working in it.Here are […]

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How to Get Started in the Web Developer Community

In this episode of Web Development Podcast, web developer author and instructor, Jeff Smith, shares the latest web development courses available for free.The goal of the podcast is to provide free web development resources that will allow you to build your own website.The content is not for the faint of heart.You will not be disappointed.Learn […]

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I’ll try to get the web development process to a point where I can create my own mobile app for $15 a month

I’m an avid web developer.I’m also a part-time freelancer, which means I don’t have much money to spend on my own projects.But I’m still working full-time on my favorite mobile app, and my team loves it.I figured it was a good time to share some of the challenges I faced in creating this app and […]

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How to Use Python in your Web Development Workflow

Author Mark Bittman Publisher New York Times title This is a lot of fun: How to use Python in a Web Development workflow article By Mark BitzenweigPublished October 14, 2018 11:21:08If you’re building an app for the web, or you’re developing a web app, you probably know the name Django.It’s a Django application template that […]

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How to Learn C# in 6 Months and How to Start with a Beginner’s Web Developer

The web development industry has become a hotbed of innovation.A new generation of programmers is trying to make the most of the new opportunities and skills they are receiving.C# is a powerful and flexible language that can be easily taught to any developer, regardless of level of experience.As you begin learning C#, you will find […]

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‘The most fun you’ll ever have in your life’: How to start a successful web development career

You’re ready to build a website?You’ve just got to know a little Javascript.Here’s how to get started.1.Go to a web developer conference or meetup.A lot of companies are hiring for web development jobs.This is a great opportunity to meet new people and get a feel for what the job entails.Many of the companies also offer […]

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