When to use Web Forms, not HTML, to develop mobile apps

Web Forms and HTML are the best way to build mobile apps, according to a new study.They’re easier to manage and they are the only way to create modern, rich mobile experiences.A recent study by the software and services firm Hypebot found that when you use the right tools, you can quickly create and distribute […]

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Web developers have no choice but to write code to avoid legal trouble

Developers are working on websites for the first time in their lives, but many of them are writing code in a way that could land them in legal trouble.Web developers often write code for websites to add features or manage the content of the site, and many are using the same code to manage data.But […]

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I’ve been training to code in two months for a job in Boise, Idaho

Posted July 31, 2018 06:15:30After three years of working in a variety of jobs, including as a sales rep in a hardware manufacturing facility and as a financial adviser in a corporate office, my career is finally starting to come full circle.My employer is looking for an entry-level developer.And I have a strong desire to […]

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When it comes to web development jobs, Calgary could use more tech talent

In a year that saw the rise of the virtual reality industry, Calgary’s tech talent base is looking to the tech world for job opportunities.But the city isn’t ready to offer those opportunities yet.“We’re not sure what the future holds,” said Mike Cammack, executive director of the Calgary Web Development Council.“We’re working on it.”Cammack said […]

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What is a web developer profile?

With a growing number of developers seeking work on the web, the need for a professional web developer’s profile has grown as well.While the term “web developer” has been around for years, the term has also been embraced by a wide variety of professionals and employers, and now a lot of developers are looking for […]

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What we know about the latest HTML5 release

On the surface, the new HTML5 specification is a huge change from the original HTML5 spec.HTML5 is much more modular, which means you can easily change the layout and codebase of your webpages without breaking any of your existing web applications.However, the specification also introduces a lot of new things that you won’t see in […]

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