How to build an automated web development tool for your web site

source The Book of Job is an ancient Hebrew book, and it is widely considered to be the Bible of the modern day web.However, it has also been considered the Bible for decades, as well as a Bible for many other languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Russian, and Hebrew.The Book of Jobs, […]

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Which programming languages are the best for web development?

The most popular programming languages in 2017 were the following:JavaScript (more than 95%), Python (93%), Ruby (93%)Python (96%), PHP (93%).JavaScript (99%) and Python (98%) were the next most popular.Ruby was the most popular in 2017 with more than 3.5 million downloads.JavaScript was also the most commonly used language in 2017, with more then 3.8 million […]

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When you have to write a blog post, don’t be afraid to write it in JavaScript

The Washington Post article The number of times a web developer writes code for their website is growing.They’re using JavaScript to build out their applications, and they’re writing code in a way that’s easy to learn, understandable and maintainable.It’s also a great place to learn the ins and outs of HTML5 and CSS3.So how does […]

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How to make a Web Developer website: 10 easy steps

An infographic by Chris O’Sullivan, the creator of the web developer roadmap blog, provides a step-by-step guide to the process of building a successful website.You’ll learn how to: 1.Write a page template 2.Create a template 3.Add elements to the page 4.Add a header 5.Use CSS to position and position the content 6.Add buttons and menus […]

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