The Sport, The Story and The Promise of the Future of Sports, The Bible

Denver, CO, United States of America: The Sport is on the brink of becoming a major force in the global sporting industry, and it’s the first major American sport to gain national prominence thanks to the efforts of its owner and creator, Mark Cuban. CNBC’s Sports Business Daily has named the new United States champion, the […]

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I’ve been training to code in two months for a job in Boise, Idaho

Posted July 31, 2018 06:15:30After three years of working in a variety of jobs, including as a sales rep in a hardware manufacturing facility and as a financial adviser in a corporate office, my career is finally starting to come full circle.My employer is looking for an entry-level developer.And I have a strong desire to […]

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How Google created the ‘dot com’ era

The dot com era has been heralded as a time of growth and innovation.But, it’s actually been the beginning of the end of the web.In fact, Google has built the Internet into a powerful tool for monopolies, oligopolies, and even governments.Google is a major player in the entertainment industry, and now, its cloud service has […]

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What is a web developer profile?

With a growing number of developers seeking work on the web, the need for a professional web developer’s profile has grown as well.While the term “web developer” has been around for years, the term has also been embraced by a wide variety of professionals and employers, and now a lot of developers are looking for […]

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What you need to know about web development and web development jobs

The sport is the biggest employer in Australia.It’s the biggest industry in Australia, and in the next couple of years it will be the biggest in the world.And there’s plenty of opportunity out there.There are opportunities for you to work in sport and for you in the rest of the world to work.There’s also a […]

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What is the future of web developers?

I’m an Android developer, and I use Chrome for my desktop.I think Google Chrome is a fantastic platform.But I want to switch to another browser and try something new.That’s where the web developer profiles come in.There are more than 1 million profiles on GitHub.Many of them are for iOS and Android developers, who can be […]

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