Which is better for web development?

This week we’ll look at web development for a few different platforms.We’ll start with iOS, then move onto Android, then Windows, and finally Linux.We’ve also got a few Android-only articles that are just great and are worth reading.So, if you’re new to web development or you’re already an iOS developer, read on!

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Which is the best place to start your career in web development?

U.K. web development graduates are increasingly searching for higher paying opportunities in the U.S., with an estimated 70,000 web development jobs being offered to U.N. students every year.Many of these positions are located in the states of California, New York, Texas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia and Illinois, as well as Canada.In the U, job seekers who […]

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How to Use Python in your Web Development Workflow

Author Mark Bittman Publisher New York Times title This is a lot of fun: How to use Python in a Web Development workflow article By Mark BitzenweigPublished October 14, 2018 11:21:08If you’re building an app for the web, or you’re developing a web app, you probably know the name Django.It’s a Django application template that […]

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What’s next for the web developer?

The web developer’s job is to be the backbone of a company’s business, and to manage the software, hardware, and services that make up that infrastructure.The most valuable job of a web developer is to create a platform that’s open and usable by a wide range of people and businesses.As the Web 2.0 industry transitions […]

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