How to Build Your Own Website for Free with NodeJS, PHP and AngularJS

The web is an ever-changing platform, and you need to be flexible in your approach.The NodeJS community has been around for quite a while and they have a huge following, so it’s no surprise that there are lots of Node developers that are willing to teach you how to build a custom web server.The goal […]

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Web developers have no choice but to write code to avoid legal trouble

Developers are working on websites for the first time in their lives, but many of them are writing code in a way that could land them in legal trouble.Web developers often write code for websites to add features or manage the content of the site, and many are using the same code to manage data.But […]

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What to do when you want to hire an experienced developer but don’t know where to start

The most important skill in a developer’s arsenal is that they can work remotely.That’s why the most common question developers have about hiring a remote developer is, “Where can I find one?”This article explores what to do if you’re looking for someone to work on your website or app, and how to find the right […]

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How does a language like JavaScript work in web development?

JavaScript is a web programming language, but not the only one.In fact, there are many more.We’ve seen a lot of articles lately about how the world is living in an era of JavaScript, but this isn’t really what’s happening.What is happening is that JavaScript has become a standard for the web, and it’s becoming the […]

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