Which jobs are going to disappear in 2018?

The job market for web developers has hit a wall, and the good news is that you can still land a good job.

According to the latest data from Hiremetrix, a technology firm, the average wage for web developer jobs is now just $57,000 per year.

That’s down slightly from the year before, but still up from the lowest point of the year.

The data comes from the latest survey of 1,500 US workers.

That means that jobs in the tech sector are still growing, even as the overall economy continues to struggle.

The most-wanted job for the year was in web development, followed by web design, software development, and data analysis.

According Hiremeter, the median hourly wage in the U.S. for a web developer is $55,000, down from $62,000 in 2017.

That decline is driven by the number of openings.

The number of jobs for web devs has increased from about 4.6 million in 2015 to 5.4 million in 2018, according to the report.

That increase came despite a steep drop in the number for web development jobs in 2015.

The reason for the decline is unclear, but the decline could be attributed to the recent slowdown in the overall U.K. economy.

In addition to the overall downturn, the tech industry is still a tough sell for many job seekers.

According the HireMetrix report, the top reasons why job seekers said they were discouraged by the tech market in 2018 were lack of experience, a lack of education, and being in a low-paying industry.

The highest reason was a lack, for example, of a college degree.


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