How to get an ‘E’ on the online exam: Penrith v South Sydney

Posted November 06, 2018 05:19:31 A number of websites, including TutorLab, have announced they are to withdraw online courses that were set to be offered on their platform, which would have been a major blow for the NRL’s online learners.

Tutor Lab, which launched in December last year, is the first online education provider to offer courses online, although the NSW Government had promised the services would be available to students from December 2018.

The move comes after a number of sites, including The Learning Company, Tutorlab and, have made announcements they would be shutting down online courses for students and their parents.

TutourLab has said it was forced to close its online courses after learning the NSW Department of Education did not have the resources to keep the sites running.

Students will still have the option to sign up to a TutorTech or TutorSchool course. is also still offering online courses, but said the Government’s decision would affect its students. has been offered online courses since December 2018 and has also announced it would close online courses and discontinue its services as a result of the Government change.

The site has already announced that it would shut down in March 2019.

TutoralLab and My Courses have also announced they will stop offering courses on their platforms.

Tutora and TutorTutor are still offering courses online and they are not likely to cease operations any time soon.

It’s been a year since TutorLeague was set up, and TutoraLeague is still the only online course provider in the NRL.

The NRL has been accused of not adequately funding online education, with a report last month claiming the NRL was in breach of the Australian Government’s commitment to provide free access to online learning.

While there has been no direct confirmation of the decision by TutorLadder, it is clear the industry is in a position to survive without Tutorleague, as TutoraLadder will not be able to continue offering online training courses.

The Government is expected to announce the outcome of its investigation into Tutor League’s online course offerings in the coming weeks.


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