How to use React to build a web application with AngularJS, React, and Angular-X in a week

Learn how to use AngularJS and React in a new way.

React is an open source JavaScript library that enables you to build web applications in a functional, declarative, and reusable way.

The core of React is a declaratively-oriented, high-performance, data-driven DOM API.

By declarately modeling the DOM, you get the power of JavaScript, without the complexity and overhead of the DOM itself.

React lets you write highly-customizable and composable components in the browser, without writing any code in the server.

React also allows you to combine the benefits of both JS and HTML, which makes it a natural fit for a mobile application.

Here are the steps you need to take to get started with React.


Install React 2.

Install Angular 1.

Enable Webpack and npm 3.

Install angular-cli 4.

Install babel 5.

Install react-dom 6.

Create your first app React is available as a webpack dependency in all major browsers.

Angular is an official dependency in Chrome and Safari, as well as in Firefox and Edge.

It’s also available in Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

If you prefer to use npm instead of Webpack, you can install it with npm install –save-dev webpack-angular-cli .

The CLI provides a few options to install and configure React.

To learn more, check out the webpack documentation.

The following is a list of all the dependencies and webpack versions available in all supported browsers.

Webpack 2.0.2 (latest): npm i [email protected] npm i –save [email protected] Webpack is an extension to the standard webpack.config.js that adds Babel, Babel CLI, and Webpack.js to your project.

This package is required to run Webpack during the build process.

npm i npm i babel –save Webpack’s core module bundler.

It compiles and bundles your code.

babel is a cross-platform front-end to the Babel JavaScript engine.

Babel CLI is a tool for automatically writing and maintaining ES6-compatible JavaScript.

babescript-loader is a CLI utility that allows you run JavaScript files with the browser’s native JavaScript interpreter.

babelscript-plugin-transformers is a utility that converts JavaScript files into ES6 code.

Babel provides several built-in Babel plugins.

babylon-loader converts JavaScript into ES5 syntax and Babel plugins can be added using babel-plugin install babel : This will add babel to your package.json.

baboload is a library that helps load and optimize your JavaScript.

It provides a set of helper functions to convert ES5 to ES6 and vice versa.

baby is a set, a collection of pre-compiled modules for the JavaScript ecosystem.

babylight is a built-on wrapper for the babel JavaScript compiler that provides a build-time optimizer.

babo-compiler is a Babel plugin that helps generate optimized ES6 versions for ES5.

babole is a module bundling tool.

babot is a JavaScript compiler and generator for the Babel plugin.

bab-loader-js is a plugin that generates ES5 code for Babel plugins that uses babel.

Babel plugins should be included in your babel package.js file.

babeleven is a package manager that manages all your packages and compiles them with Babel.

babeltools is a collection, a library, and a configuration utility for babel plugins.

These are used to generate optimized, ES6 version of your JavaScript and are included with the babelfish package.

babelfishing is a lightweight tool that makes it easier to manage and manage Babel plugins on the fly.

bablex is a compiler that compiles ES5-compatible JavaScript.

This is used by babel loader to convert JavaScript files to ES5 and vice-versa.

babl-loader, babel, babeltool, babelewn, baboly, bablex-loader are all Babel plugins currently supported by Babel 2.x. bablfish-cli is a front-side loader that uses Babel CLI to transform ES5 JS files into a common ES6 JavaScript syntax.

babalight is an easy-to-use CLI tool for creating optimized ES5 versions for Babel.


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