How to develop a Web app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Posted September 21, 2018 11:23:59In a recent interview with Macworld, Apple’s Scott Forstall acknowledged that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were not quite ready for the masses, and that the company would likely be bringing the next-generation iPhones to market “in the next few years.”

But, for now, the company’s goal is to ship the first iPhone to consumers, as well as to developers and app publishers.

Forstall told Macworld that Apple would continue to support its existing developer ecosystem, including the App Store, and to be a “big part” of the App Stores.

However, Apple is now aiming to add “a lot more.”

In fact, Forstall said that “we’ve done a lot of things we can’t talk about yet” for the new iPhone, including an “app store where you can actually find your own apps and things like that.”

Apple will also continue to work with the app developers to support the new hardware.

Forstall told the site that Apple will “continue to do some things we’ve done that have not been announced yet, but we’ll continue to do them as we see fit.”

Forstall also said that Apple is in talks with developers on how to make the new iPhones easier to use.

This includes how the company will support the iPad Pro with a new interface that will allow developers to create “more interactive experiences.”

“We have to be really careful that the new iPad Pro is as good as the iPad Air, but it’s still going to have a lot to do with the ability to do the work of developing an app on the new device,” he said.

“That will require a lot more effort from developers, but at the same time we’ve seen that we’re able to do that.

We’re getting better at it.”

Apple has made an aggressive push to release the next iPhone this fall, and Forstall was asked about the company trying to keep up with the pace of updates.

For instance, for developers who need to be updated on new features, Apple will be offering “a bit of a discount on the price of the device” for new users, he said, noting that it will also be possible to get the device for $1,199 or $1,-99.


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