Web developer says he got a $600K bonus for writing his first

article article By Jennifer McArdle and Tom BrownA new survey shows a majority of the web developer community is more open to collaboration than ever before.

But a new survey suggests most of us aren’t really that open.ABC News has analyzed survey data from the Pew Research Center’s 2014 Trustworthy Web survey, and found that a large majority of web developers are open to collaborating with colleagues or peers.

The survey found that 58% of web developer respondents said they were willing to collaborate with others.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is open to working with peers, says Jason Wylie, the senior research manager at Pew.

He says a majority (56%) of web devs surveyed say they are “open to working on team projects” and just 26% say they’re not.

That’s not to say that only those who are open are open.

About a third of those surveyed say their biggest advantage is that they’re more likely to be more comfortable sharing ideas.

But the other big advantage is having the skills to get things done, Wylia says.

He notes that, for some, sharing a piece of code is easier than coding it yourself.

In this article, Wyslyi outlines some of the challenges that web developers face and how they’re coping with them.

Web developers may have a lot of things in common.

They’re mostly male, in their 20s, and tend to work for large companies.

The most common occupations for web developers in the survey were information technology, digital marketing, and design.

And more than half (54%) of respondents are white.

While the data on open collaboration doesn’t give us an answer to why this is, it is an interesting observation.

The fact that people feel comfortable sharing their code may be an indication of how open the web is.

And while it’s not clear what percentage of web code is written by women, there are plenty of web sites that encourage women to contribute to their own code.

Web developer Josh Kish is one of those who believes this to be true.

He runs the popular GitHub site and has written several articles about collaboration.

He told ABC News that he was surprised by the positive reaction he got from the community for sharing code.

“I’m just really surprised at how much it resonated with the community,” Kish said.

He said he has seen a huge spike in interest in sharing code recently.

In fact, GitHub has been hosting workshops for developers since last year.

Kish hopes the community will keep up the momentum.

He believes people are open enough to share code, but not open enough in their ability to work with colleagues.

Kies says that, despite the openness, people are still very concerned about working with each other.

Kishes says it’s important to acknowledge that people are going to be better at collaborating when they’re open.

Wylie says that’s a common misconception that most web developers have about how to collaborate.

He points out that, in general, most developers are looking to collaborate within their teams, not around a shared project.

“In the world of open source, you’re working in teams with many different people, and there’s often a lot more of a need for communication and collaboration between those people than when people work collaboratively,” Wyli said.

Wyslyis’ survey also found that many developers are interested in sharing their work on GitHub.

More than half of respondents said GitHub had a good track record of making their code available to others.

Wyles says that many of those sharing their source code are also trying to make it easier for others to get involved with the project.

And that’s exactly what GitHub is trying to do.

It’s trying to bring more people together to work on code.

For more of our interviews, watch the latest episodes of The ABC’s Business on Business series.


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