How to get started in web development with Udacity

Udacity, the online education company founded by Y Combinator grad Max Levchin, is launching a job-searching platform that can help candidates get a job in the field of web development.

The platform, called Udacity Job Search, allows applicants to upload their resumes and cover letters, which are then reviewed by the company’s engineers, who then evaluate the candidates’ suitability for the job.

“It’s a great way to find work in a fast-paced and fast-changing world, but especially for a web developer,” said David Dziuba, a partner at startup incubator KISS, which has been a member of Udacity’s team.

“I think the people that we’re hiring are doing very well in a very competitive field.”

A video showing how to use UdacityJob Search.

Udacity is currently in the process of testing the service with several thousand applicants, and it is aiming to hire as many as 20,000 web developers in its first year.

“Our goal is to be able to hire tens of thousands of developers in the next year,” Dziubasaid.

“That’s a goal that we’ve been working on for the last year.

We’ve been talking about it, and our engineers have been working in real time to see what it’s going to take to achieve this goal.”

Udacity also is offering training on how to apply for jobs in the web and mobile industry, which it says can lead to more jobs and revenue.

Udacious Job Search will help candidates identify the best way to get into the field, and help them get a foothold.

Udacos job-matching algorithm will find the right candidates who meet the criteria for each of the different areas of the web, mobile and web development in Udacity.

The site also offers a job board where applicants can connect with the company and get information about the companies work and resources.

“We’re also using it to help companies hire for our team, which is awesome because it gives you a way to stay in touch with our engineering team, and to have them in-person,” Dzuba said.

Udakas site has about 4,000 applicants currently.

According to the company, the job-finding process can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, and the average time from job posting to hiring is two weeks.

“This is an opportunity for candidates to really get in touch and see if they want to work with Udacoms engineers, or if they have an interest in working on this site,” said Dziuda.

“These are people who we have a lot of respect for, and we’re really excited to see them applying to this job-finder service.”

Udacodes founder and CEO Matt Martin said Udacity has already received more than 1.6 million applications from users across the globe, and expects to hire up to 20,500 people in the coming months.

“The real value of this platform is that it will help people find work on the web quickly,” he said.

“There’s lots of people out there who are working on great apps that aren’t getting much traction, so we want to make sure that our people are getting the best possible work.”

Udakans website will be available through Google, Bing and other search engines.

The company also plans to offer other tools and resources, including an Udacity Career Builder that is designed to help job-seekers get the skills they need to get a great job.

Udaxs job-seeking site, Udacity Jobs, will also be available soon.

Udacs platform has already attracted about 6,500 job seekers through the Udacity job-hunting platform.

“While we are working with Udaclabs engineers to deliver a high-quality job-screening tool, we are also working with their team to help candidates learn more about Udacity and its services,” Dzaruba said, adding that the platform is already attracting more than 5,000 applications.


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