When web developers are your best friend, Google is no longer a unicorn

The internet company has seen its stock fall more than 50% since last summer after the release of a damning report that found that its engineers were working on the wrong software for the right problems.

As the WSJ notes, Google’s problems were far more than just a few engineers working in a room, though.

They were the result of Google’s decision to give employees more responsibilities than they had in years, and the company’s “systemic failure to provide enough oversight of the process.” 

The WSJ’s report, which was published Monday, has raised questions about the company, and in particular, Google CEO Larry Page, whose reputation has been on the line this year over the company making sweeping changes to its workforce. 

The new report found that Google had spent more than $6 billion over the past five years on “software development and maintenance” for software projects, though only 6% of the money went to software development.

It also noted that Google engineers were “overstretched” and were working too much, but not enough on those projects.

The report noted that while the company was investing more than ever in its software, it had a culture that “was far too often a result of poor leadership.” 

According to the WSJs report, Google was also spending less money than it should on software maintenance.

It was spending less than it had in five years in 2011 and 2010.

The WSJ reported that Google spent more on software development in 2011 than it did in 2006.

The report’s findings are not just concerning for Google employees, but for the company overall.

Google’s stock fell nearly 20% in the past year and a half, to $100.20 a share, after the WSJD report was released.

The stock has fallen even more since then, falling over 10% in 2016.

The latest decline has made the company even more vulnerable to accusations that it is trying to outsource software development to Amazon, Microsoft and other cloud providers.

At the same time, Google has seen an influx of new talent into its workforce as it seeks to address its core problems.

The company hired more than 1,500 new engineers over the last year alone, bringing its total to more than 2,300.

But those new hires are still not enough, according to the report, as the company had to hire more than 3,600 new employees in the first quarter of 2017 to keep up with demand.

Google has also been facing a backlash from its own engineers, who have complained about the lack of support that they have received.

Last year, one of the engineers on Google’s new artificial intelligence unit wrote an open letter to the company that detailed how Google’s engineers were treated in the hiring process.

The letter was signed by over 1,600 engineers who had received “inappropriate promotions, poor compensation, poor benefits and other unfair treatment.” 

“In short, I have been and remain frustrated with the lack in leadership and direction at Google,” the letter read.

More than 20,000 of the companys engineers have since signed the open letter.

Google has not responded to requests for comment from The Verge, and Google did not respond to a request for comment on the report.

In the wake of the report’s release, Google Chief Financial Officer Amy Parsons said the company would be investing “more resources in software and infrastructure to ensure that we have the tools to deliver the best products to the world.” 

In the past, Google had tried to distance itself from the allegations in the WSJS report.

In September 2016, Parsons wrote an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal in which she described the issues as “a combination of an old-school mentality that makes the world run faster and the current cloud environment that forces us to run in a different world.”

She added that she would not allow the company to “overpromise” on software and would not “let it become our mantra.”

“This is not the cloud we wanted it to be,” Parsons wrote.

However, Parsons has been a vocal critic of the recent changes to the Google software platform.

In a speech last week, Parsons said that Google needed to rethink its business model.

“The fact that our software is delivered as a service is the foundation of our business, and we are moving in that direction,” Parsons said.

“And that will not happen by accident.”

As it stands, Google currently provides Google Maps and Google Search, and is working on Android and its own personal assistant, but it has not built the products for all of the businesses it wants to support.

Google is not required to sell all of its software or service, but instead, it can sell some of it to a certain subset of customers.

For example, Google can sell a lot of its maps to Uber.

Uber is a taxi company that is heavily invested in driverless cars.

It has also built a fleet of self-driving cars, which are operated by drivers on its own fleet.

Uber’s business model relies on


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