Web developers in Mexico are getting paid for creating web apps in Mexico, a new report says

Homegrown companies in Mexico have been paid for developing software for clients such as Apple and Google, a survey has found.

Web developers in the state of Misiones are among the most highly paid in Mexico and are in the midst of a boom as they try to fill a gap in the local job market.

They are often the first to get hired, said Carlos Martínez, head of the company which provides consulting services.

In Mision, which is home to a vast expanse of water, it is common for companies to hire the next generation of software engineers to help them produce their own applications, said MartíNEZ, whose company was founded in 2011.

Martínex’s client list includes Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook.

They can be paid from $1,500 to $2,500 per day for each project, he said.

But he said there was a lack of proper training, because there were not enough qualified people.

There was no standard process for getting hired, he added.

Some companies have even been paying their employees to make their own apps, he noted.

The salaries for the engineers range from about $1.40 to $1 on average.

In the state’s industrial zone, a majority of the software engineers are in their 30s or 40s, said Manuel Rodriguez, a professor of business administration at the Autonomous University of Mexico.

He said it was normal for companies hiring new software engineers, but it is not uncommon for older ones to get paid for their work.

Rodriguez said many of these companies were using technology from the cloud, which was more expensive, to make the software.

They were paying workers to make software instead of hiring people to build the software, he told the Associated Press.

“There is a lack in the education, and the culture, and in the way people interact with each other,” Rodriguez said.


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