Why I’m retiring from my job in 2018

I just want to thank all the people that helped me make this decision.

My career has been the greatest experience of my life.

I love working with all my coworkers.

They are amazing people and they make the job of web developer in the Philippines an amazing one.

The internet is a big part of our lives.

We love to share things, and sharing things is our favorite activity.

There are so many things that are happening on the internet.

We all love to read, watch movies and listen to music.

So, this is a great opportunity to share our favorite things, even if it is for free.

I’m going to try my best to stay as active as possible.

I will try my very best to meet new people, and I will always try my hardest to meet people who are really passionate about what they do.

In the future, I will definitely try my hard to make my job a lot easier.

I want to continue to be as active, as productive, and as helpful as possible for my company.

But, as long as I’m here, I want you to be able to keep on supporting me and my company through my retirement.

I am very thankful for the many people that have been a part of my work and for the love and support that I’ve received from you.

I hope that we will continue to have the same positive attitude towards life and to keep doing our best to make our jobs a better one.

And, please continue to support my company with any money that you have, by giving it to me through PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

I truly appreciate the support that you’ve shown me.

I look forward to continuing my life as a web developer and I look to you all for many years to come.


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